Hair Services
Women’s cuts (includes shampoo/cut/style)
Perm (includes trim)
Spiral (includes trim)
Highlight (cape)
Colour re-touch
Scalp treatment

Men’s cuts (includes shampoo/cut/style)
Colour or highlight
Hot shaves

Children’s cuts
$55   & up
$20   & up
$65   & up
$95   & up
$65   & up
$110 & up
$65   & up
$65   & up

$35   & up

$15   & up

Below are links to most of our hair care products as well as:
– how to create different hair styles
– styling advice
– help finding a hairstyle
– men’s hairstyles and hair care products 
– Nioxin  care products for care of thinning hair.

Matrix Hair Products

American Crew Men’s Hair Products.

Nioxin  Hair Products    – Customized care for thinning hair

“Back To Basics” brand hair care products

“Aura” brand hair care products

Amici Hair Studio Services: Love Your Hair!

Downtown Calgary is a business-centric city. With over 3,000 businesses, you will find diverse industries ranging from art, fashion, and up to science and technology. As a busy, crowded city, its pollution levels tend to be higher over the years. From traffic emissions and industrial radiators, air quality is very much degraded. Not only is your health at risk, but also your hair.

Air pollution negatively affects your hair by making them dry, brittle, and damaged. What disrupts their prime are through the small-sized particle pollutants. They are so tiny that they can easily penetrate your scalp’s skin, leading to discomfort, baldness, and worst, hair cancer. As a reminder, don’t forget to treat your hair. Beyond styles and trends, they deserved to be maintained and protected.

That is why in this city, no one cares more than about your hair other than Amici Hair Studio Esthetics and Spa. With decades of service, our wonderful team grows along with the trends in fashion and lifestyle around the globe. 

With the staff members’ extensive experience and knowledge in health and beauty, they know what service to suggest to you. While we are proud of having state-of-the-art equipment and the latest hair colour techniques, we still utilise classic yet effective methods. As what the name of our business means, we are your trusted friend in health and beauty. We swear to provide the utmost care, service, and customer satisfaction. Read more below to see (and to book) our hair studio services.

Amici hair studio services

Amici proudly offers customised solutions to better suit clients’ needs and budget. What’s even more exciting is that we like to give gifts! Save more of your money through our salon’s vouchers. You will find them on Groupon website, a trustworthy cash-back, online discount product and service platform.

Note: Please be advised that the costs listed below are merely estimates (benchmarks). They are subject to changes without notice.

  1. Men and women haircut and hairstyle

Hair is already a dead matter. Perhaps, one reason why people don’t like to waste on hair products and treatments. But, when beauty salons swear by hair care, we actually mean their inside structure. Within the very core of every hair strand is a hair bulb. It is where we treat it for it is the place where the actual living hair is.

Please note that haircut and hairstyle services are different from each other. The former is limited to only cutting your hair’s length. Having this service routinely will help prevent damaged and lifeless-looking hair. 

The latter, on the other hand, mainly focuses on the style by which you wear your hair. While this service isn’t health-related, it instead refines your character and beauty. With Amici’s talented hairstylists, Graziella, Kedina, and Geri will help bring out the natural beauty in you. You could show them your inspired look or ask them further suggestions that will better suit the shape of your face. Any of the two, these people will make the magic happen.

Below are the following services and costs:


  • Haircut | without shampoo | CAD25.00 and up
  • Haircut | with shampoo | CAD30.00 and up
  • Children’s haircut (under school age) | with and/or without shampoo | CAD15.50 (fixed)
  • Hairstyle services (all hairstyle services include shampoo/washing and blow dry)
    • Short hair | CAD30.00
    • Medium hair | CAD35.00
    • Long hair | CAD40.00 
    • Wedding hairstyle (this includes test and trial hairstyle)
      • Short hair | CAD60.50
      • Medium hair | CAD70.80
      • Long hair | CAD80.50


  • Haircut | without shampoo | CAD22.00 and up
  • Haircut | with shampoo | CAD28.00 and up
  • Children’s haircut and hairstyle (under school age) | CAD15.50 (fixed)
  • Hairstyle services (all hairstyle services include shampoo/washing and blow dry)
    • Short hair | CAD30.00
    • Medium hair | CAD35.50
    • Long hair | CAD40.00
    • Wedding hairstyle (this includes test and trial hairstyle)
      • Short hair | CAD50.00
      • Medium hair | CAD70.50
      • Long hair | CAD75.80
  1. Men and women colour packs

Here’s a not-so-secret tip to slay a white T-shirt and jeans outfit: bespoke hair dye! Colouring your hair could certainly add more style, and even complete if you feel a bit lacking with your casual clothes. 

But, style isn’t the sole factor of this service. Our team ensures that we provide safe, eco-friendly, and premium quality hair colour materials. Not only we care during the process, but even after! That is why we have aftercare hair products to maintain its vibrant and healthy-looking structure. Below are the following services and costs:

  • Highlight and colour | CAD180.40 and up

A bit hesitant yet really eager to try hair dye? Highlighting is the ultimate go-to service for both men and women. It is a creative and low maintenance technique that nicely blends with your natural hair. From the service name itself, it highlights the customer’s facial features, which brings out the beauty of their eye colour, cheekbones, and creating depth of hair volume.

  • Retouch hair colour | CAD44.50 and up 

The span of hair growth varies in people. And for those whose hair grows fast, it becomes a problem. No wants to recolour their regrown hair for another time for it produces harmful effects. But when it’s done here at Amici, we guarantee the use of safe and all-natural retouch hair colour products.

  • All-inclusive hair colour | CAD70.40 and up

Do you colour your hair randomly? If you are a spontaneous person, you will be happy to know that our safe and all-natural all-inclusive hair colour service can answer to your whims instantly! 

  1. Men and women curl packages

Give more volume and texture to your hair through semi-perm (permanent) and perm curling packages. The curl styling service will make your hair look natural and effortlessly beautiful. Below are the following services and costs:

  • Semi-permanent curl
    • Short length | CAD75.50
    • Medium length | CAD80.60
    • Long length | CAD90.50
    • Thick and dense + CAD20.50
  • Permanent curl
    • Short length | CAD100.50
    • Medium length | CAD180.00
    • Long length | CAD210.40
    • Thick and dense + CAD49.50
  1. Men and women hair treatments

Haircare is treating your scalp and hair follicles. If done correctly on a regular basis, hair strands will grow healthily and vibrantly. So, entrust your hair with our skilled staff. They use science-based hair treatments through safe and natural products and equipment. Below are the following services and costs. 

  • Keratin treatment | CAD110.20 and up 
  • Scalp treatment | CAD150.00 and up
  • Hot oil treatment | CAD120.50 and up
  • Moisture treatment | CAD100.60 and up
  • Detox and relax treatment | CAD200.40 and up

Amici hair products

Who says that hair care is finished? Amici haircuts and treatments are just the beginning. Like your skin, hair needs upkeep. So, have them protected every time you go out of the house. Shield them from air pollution and UV damage. Much like with the former, UV or sun exposure can cause discolouring, dryness, split ends, and frizziness. Below are the brands that Amici uses.

  1. Matrix: Its products cater to treat different types of hair 
  2. American Crew: Its products are for men’s hair care.
  3. Nioxin: Its products mainly target people with thinning hair.
  4. Back to Basics: It is a general beauty brand known for its heavenly fruity scents and all-natural ingredients.

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  • Please note that the hair studio services are only available on-site. The team does not allow at-home appointments.
  • After sending the form, please wait for the team’s email confirmation. Only then you can now pay. 
  • Similar to appointments, payments are now done online. The team reserves the right for partial or full payment to avoid fraud cases. Any unpaid bookings after 3 days will be instantly cancelled.
  • Amici allows customers to cancel their appointments with a full refund. It must be done at least 3 or more days prior to the scheduled date.
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