The Colorist Aesthetics and Spa: Hair accessories for spring!

Hey there beauties! Ready to glam up this spring season and show the world the best of you? What better way to have a blooming new look than to style your hair with accessories? This spring season, we’re bringing you minimal and earth-themed hair accessories that will go with your spring colours. We have everything on our list, from bold rhinestone designs to simple and casual pins. Take a look at what surprises we have for you this upcoming spring and prepare for a fresh new style! 

Groomed and blooming 

Let your hair loose this spring and give it a blooming new look with these accessories. Unruly hair days are over and with spring just around the corner, you better be prepared to have a fresh style. Take a look at the accessories we gathered for you below: 

  • Organza scrunchies 

This 2021, everyone is going loco for scrunchies and we’re all for it! Oversized scrunchies are the name of the game. Not only is this accessory comfortable to wear, but it also looks fashionable around your locks and wrists! The popular design for scrunchies is the sheer flower embroidered ones which we think would look perfect for your spring look. 

  • Bucket hats 

Keep your hair protected from the harsh rays of the sun and enjoy a fun fashion statement with these bucket hats! You can wear whatever colour you prefer and we’re sure it will look absolutely dashing. Try it with your spring overalls or shirts and have a fun-filled fashion experience.

  • Thick headbands 

Gone are the days when you have to keep your thick headbands for athletic use only. You can now wear it along with your preferred outfit for a comfortable hair day. This is perfect for all the gals out there who don’t like to feel strands of hair touching their face. 

  • Retro driving scarves 

2021 is the year when every fashion icon is revived to see another day under the spotlight. Retro driving scarves are the perfect hair accessory for a spring picnic with your friends and family. Get that old school girl look and keep your youthful spirits up with this wonderful accessory. 

  • Beaded headbands 

No matter how many trends pass in the fashion industry, we can’t get over our love for sparkly accessories. This beaded hairband is a testament to our claims! You can pair it with a fancy gown or casual wear. Talk about versatility! What more can you ask for?

  • Wild west hats 

If you think cowboy hats won’t have their time under the spotlight, you’re wrong. Turns out everyone has been pretending to hate cowboy hats when deep inside we all know we want it. With how much of a wild ride this year and the one before it has been, we think everyone deserves a cowboy hat or two. 

  • Braided headbands

Nothing speaks spring spirit more than these braided headbands. Rock this accessory with your hair down and feel your inner diva rejoice.