The Colorist Aesthetics and Spa: Everything you need to know about box braids

Constant manipulation and exposure to the outside elements can damage the hair. For this reason, protective hairstyles were invented and the one style that stands above the rest is box braids! We’re talking about Janet Jackson kind of braids that look just as flawless as they are stylish. 

Hairstyles in the fashion world usually shines bright and burns fast but not his one! Box braids have been in the industry for more than three decades and not once had it lost its charm. In fact, it only seems to grow more popular each day and we’re confident to say that it is for a good reason. Not only does it look divine but this hairstyle also helps tuck the ends of your hair to protect it from damaging agents like heat, sun damage, and even brushing! Check out the article below for more information about box braids. 

What is box braid? 

Box braids are the same with your regular three strand braids except are more defined with narrower pieces and enough tension to prevent flyaways sticking out from the braid. Some might mistake this style as cornrows but it is different since box braids aren’t braided close to the scalp. You have more freedom to flip your hair around in this braid and if you ask us, that is definitely an advantage! 

How to prepare for box braids?

Remember that your hair will be trapped in a braid for months on end so it will be helpful to pack it with nourishment and treat it before you go to the salon for a box braid. Experts from our shop advise those who are interested in box braids to get a scalp and protein treatment for the dry and unwashed hair before setting up for your braiding appointment. Make sure that you let the treatment sit on your hair and head for a few minutes to ensure that your scalp is properly nourished.

Choosing the perfect braid size 

Now comes the hardest part about getting box braids: deciding on your braid size. This will determine the overall look of your new hairdo so it is important that you choose wisely. If you take the environment around you into consideration as well as your purpose for braiding, it will be easier to pick your braid.  

If you want to have the Bohemian chic look, you need to make your braids bigger. However, if you are using this style to protect the fibres o9f your hair, it will be better to have smaller braids. Another thing you need to consider is how long you plan on keeping the braid. The longer you plan to keep your box braid the smaller the section should be to avoid loosening the braids.